Sour Patch CBD Flower Pre Rolls

Sour Patch CBD Flower Pre Rolls

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Sour Patch CBD is a CBD rich strain composed of Super Sour CBD F5 female crossed with my Sweet and Sour Widow x Mango CBD male. All of the parents tested high in CBD numbers. The Mother was a solid 1:1 with a SUPER sour gas profile. The father tested as a 3:2 being CBD rich. The father smelled of rotten mangos, with a sweet widow smell on the back end. The combined flavors are similar to a mouthful of sour patch kids all at once. Dense flowers, spaced structure in the branching and responds well to training and topping. Smells range from rotten mangos and skunk or sweet mangos with sour gas. First it can be sour....then sweet. Hence the 


CBD Content: 14.5% 

THC Content: 0.00%


Flower sold complies with farm bill 2018